Oh Shirley, my husband always snorts. He apparently thinks he married a nut case. Its true that Im a great deal like Anna in Sticking Points.

She can come up with the craziest notions. Any slight matter can suddenly loom large in her mind, take on unwieldy proportions. 

Anna’s canned peaches in the kitchen hutch, for example? Her tomatoes, hot peppers, soft-fleshed apricots, cherries, prickly pickles, beets in a spicy brine, sweet sugared applesauce? Her jars of grape pie filling (the skins pinched off, the slithery eyeballs boiled to mush and sieved, and then the skins dumped back in with the pulp)? Is her display too overweening and vain? Its the dumb little questions like this that niggle at her. So can you imagine her antics when real troubles crop up, puzzlers of actual consequence?

Annas story is here. Maybe youll identify. Maybe you, too, are the kind to grasp at any straw for meaning.